ViewAR Pricing

Our templates are free for an unlimted trial periode - payment is required for a final app release.

App License

We charge a monthly license fee for each app you publish, depending on the amount of users of your app. License fees are charged for each operating system: iOS, Android, Web Version
The license fee also includes maintenance, support and hosting.

Consumer - Small Consumer - Medium Consumer - Pro Enterprise
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up to 1,000 app downloads/month
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up to 10,000 app downloads/month
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more than 10,000 app downloads/month
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For professional and enterprise projects
Monthly licenses are charged after each quarter. Pricing does not include tax, which only applies for orders from Austria.


Each template has an initial price. The initial price covers all available operating systems of the template: iOS, Android, Web Version

Template Name Single App
Furniture Live contact us
Mobile App contact us
Furniture Live Wikitude contact us
Helpar Remote Assistance contact us
Hotline contact us
Wall Art contact us
Object Tracking - VisionLib contact us
Helpar Object Tracking contact us
GuideBot - Placenote contact us
GuideBOT - QR contact us
Template pricing is charged on first app release. Pricing does not include tax, which only applies for orders from Austria.

Creating your own app/template

If you want to use the ViewAR SDK to create your own app or template, we don't charge an initial fee. If you use parts of the source of an existing template, you will have to pay the template price.
You need to purchase an app license for each app you publish.

Purchase a license

License purchase is only required for publishing an app. Create your app first and then click on "buy license" in the "My Apps" section.

Any Questions?

Please contact us at if you have any questions.